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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how to get to nulgath

OK so these are all the items you need to get to nulgath. After you get all these items follow step by step directions to get to nulgath.
1. 50 bone dust
2. Escherions chain
3. A strand of vaths hair
4. And the Odokuro's tooth
Also temporary 50 killed dark makarai
enter through citidel take the far right cave, then you you enter with 50 bone dust kill 50 dark makai one you enter that strange looking portal you go to the left cave than the far right cave, then you take the bottom right cave, then you go to top left cave, than go straight to the only entrance, aim your mouse over to the right side of the cave than click, then right again, then center, right, right again, left, and left again there you go join or website or follow and get emails of the newest updates of aq worlds

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